Hydro Massage

With HydroMassage, a powerful wave of water spans the full width of the user’s body providing a powerful, heated massage. Users enjoy total relaxation while remaining comfortable and fully clothed.

The system provides unlimited preset programs and allows for a fully customizable massage for the user.

Free HydroMassage Offer

Free HydroMassage Coupon! One per customer, first-time HydroMassage users only. Click, then print this PDF, and bring it to your appointment.


94% of all people who try massage love it.

But, only 1 in 6 people actually get massage therapy each year.

HydroMassage appeals to everyone. Especially those
who don’t typically receive hands-on massage.

HydroMassage is a comfortable, convenient,
and affordable alternative to hands on massage.
In as little as 10 minutes, HydroMassage
provides a powerful massage.

To learn more, visit the HydroMassage Web site.

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